I'm a freelance web designer

I'm based in London, and I help small-medium sized businesses make an impact online with a responsive web site tailored to their needs.

Simple, Clean and Modern Design.

Beautifully handcrafted designs built using the latest technologies that engage your audience. Everything we do is bespoke and built specifically for you, your industry and your target audience. We make sure we sit down with you and discuss your business and the core function of your website. After this we carry out our own research and development based on your business and your target audience ensuring that nothing is left to chance.

Fully Responsive.

There's no getting away from it, soon everyone will be viewing the internet from their mobile. You know what it's like, you're out and about then suddenly realise it's your Someone's Birthday. So you pop on to your mobile to try to find a local florist only to find none of there websites work on your phone. Or, you're on the train heading to an important meeting but remembered you need to complete that huge order, there's no way this is going to happen on that ancient website they have. That's the beauty (and importance) of mobile and app's. Make sure you don't miss out on potential sales opportunities.


We all need a bit of 'TLC' from time to time. We'll ensure your website is always tip top.Following the website build your site will need a home to live in, this is called Website Hosting. So when someone searches for your website, the internet effectively tells the user where your site is living. Generally all our clients after the website build host with us. This makes updates and repairs  easy to maintain.



Here is a selection of some of my finest work, you'll find desktop visuals, responsive websites and some sites built with CMS platforms.Select a project to find out more.

What People Are Saying.

  • Kenton_Productions is a fantastic member of the CelebMix team and always works hard to achieve their goals and ambitions.

    Celeb Mix
  • "The website is amazing! Now I have an extremely powerful tool so aid me with my online presence in my music career. I'd recommend any one in search of a website designer to Terri. Kenton Productions has been an huge help for me. Check it out for yourselves www.benjandbenji.com" .

    Chase Blake
  • Kenton_Productions is a fantastic member of the CelebMix team and always works hard to achieve her goals and ambitions.